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Environmentally Responsible Cleaning with Dry Ice

The environmental choice for industrial strength cleaning

What is Dry Ice Cleaning?
Dry ice cleaning (also known as dry ice blasting, dry ice blast cleaning, and dry ice dusting) is similar to sand blasting, plastic bead blasting, or soda blasting where a medium is accelerated in a pressurized air stream to impact a surface to be cleaned or prepared. But that's where the similarity ends.

Instead of using hard abrasive media to grind on a surface (and damage it), dry ice cleaning uses soft dry ice, accelerated to supersonic speeds, to lift the undesirable contaminant off the underlying substrate.

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Dry Ice Cleaning Case Studies

Hydroelectric Generator Cleaning
SDI Select™ 60 provides delicate cleaning and high level aggression all in one unit.

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Toro General Golf Utility Tractor Restoration
Dry ice and crushed glass successfully used to restore 70 year-old historic tractor.

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Equipment Rentals

Nationwide Rentals thru Red-D-Arc

Partnering for a Cleaner America

Cold Jet, LLC, has partnered with Airgas' Red-D-Arc subsidiary to provide environmentally responsible turn-key cleaning solutions to service providers and manufacturing operations throughout North America.

Red-D-Arc's Blasters Plus program provides customizable packages and flexible rental terms.

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Note: Red-D-Arc rentals are available throughout North America. For information regarding equipment rentals or availability in other global locations, contact your nearest Cold Jet office.

Equipment Purchase

Equipment Purchasing and Leasing

Worldwide availability from Cold Jet

Are you a service provider looking to enhance your offerings with dry ice cleaning? Cold Jet has the premier environmentally responsible cleaning solutions available to you today.

Manufactured in the USA, Cold Jet provides customizable packages that can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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Note: Cold Jet equipment can be purchased worldwide. Leasing is available in the United States. For information regarding equipment sales or availability contact your nearest Cold Jet office.